Technical SEO: A Comprehensive Guide

Enhancing Search Engine Optimization in NZ

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just strategically placing keywords in your content; it’s a multifaceted strategy that involves various elements. Among these, Technical SEO is pivotal, influencing search engine algorithms and ultimately impacting your website’s ranking.

At Gherkin Media, we understand the nuances of Technical SEO and its significance for businesses in New Zealand. For personalised advice and expert assistance, contact our team at Gherkin Media.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO focuses on refining the technical aspects of a website. It goes beyond content and keywords, emphasising a website’s functionality and user experience. Search engines consider the relevance of content, how well a website functions, and how easily users can navigate it.

Technical SEO is an integral component of on-page SEO, a broader strategy dedicated to enhancing various elements within your website to secure higher rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Why Does Your SEO Need to Be ‘Technical’?

Beyond the obvious benefits for user experience, the technical set-up of your website plays an important role in SEO. Search engines, particularly Google, prioritise presenting users with the best and most usable results. Robots crawl and evaluate websites, assessing factors like speed and user-friendliness. Any significant technical issues can be detrimental to your rankings. The more user-friendly and easily crawlable your pages are, the higher your website will rank.

Spotting a Website with Optimised Technical SEO

Understanding the practicalities of a website with optimised technical factors is essential. Ask yourself if your website meets these criteria:

  • Fast loading and smooth page transitions
  • Several pages with unique and valuable content
  • Functional backlinks
  • Secure and trustworthy with no duplicate content or broken links
  • Structured data in a clear format

At Gherkin Media, we specialise in ensuring that your website ticks all these boxes, optimising its technical elements for superior performance.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Technical SEO with Gherkin Media?

A robust SEO campaign can transform your online presence, and Technical SEO amplifies these benefits. However, navigating the technicalities of this practice can be challenging. Gherkin Media offers a solution. Our experienced team understands Technical SEO intricately, empowering businesses to thrive online.

Contact Gherkin Media today, and let’s explore how a Technical SEO campaign can elevate your website’s visibility and drive impactful results for your business in New Zealand.


Q. What is Technical SEO?

A: Technical SEO involves optimising the technical aspects of a website to increase its visibility on search engines. It focuses on factors like site speed, crawlability, as well as user experience, to improve search engine rankings.

Q. What are Technical SEO Tools?

A: Technical SEO tools are software and resources used to analyse and optimise the technical elements of a website. These tools help identify issues, track performance, and ensure a website meets search engine requirements.

Q. What is a Technical SEO Audit?

A: A Technical SEO audit is a comprehensive assessment of a website’s technical elements. It involves analysing factors such as site structure, page speed, mobile optimisation, and more to identify areas for improvement.

Q. Why Perform a Technical SEO Audit?

A: Performing a Technical SEO audit is crucial to uncover any issues hindering a website’s performance on search engines. It helps identify and fix technical issues, ensuring the website meets search engine guidelines and provides an optimal user experience. Gherkin Media conducts Technical SEO audits to enhance the overall effectiveness of websites for businesses in New Zealand.