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Are your current product photographs a bit of a horror show?
Do you have a story to tell, but have no direction?

No more b-grade quality—just Multimedia Magic.

We turn photography and video into magic. We create digital content that can launch your product, get your brand noticed, drive sales, build loyalty, and promote audience engagement.

Stellar content gets noticed. Gherkin’s got the goods to make marvelous, magical media to showcase your biz. Still photography, stunning videography, or soaring aerial shots—we know how to make you look gooooood.

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Magic photography intro…

A picture is worth 1000 words.

BUT a great photoshoot will make your brand look like a million bucks! Our photography team has experience working with major brands from across the world. Whether it’s a product shoot, professional shots for your website, or simply capturing the vibe of your venue—Gherkin delivers.

Magic videography intro….

Dazzling Videography. Content that clicks.

Video is 600% more effective at getting clicks than any other ad format. An awesome video that’s well-shot and professionally edited can be a SERIOUS difference-maker for your brand.

Because video is a big deal, we make sure your content pops off the screen.

Magic drone photography intro…

Epic Drone Shots? Yes, Please!

There’s nothing more magical than a project with awesome shots, is there? We don’t think so! Not only are our pilots experienced at flying these bad boys—but they’ve also got a videographer’s eye for detail and symmetry.

Get noticed. Get views. Get Clicks. Get High.

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Do you need help getting your web project off the ground?

Has your web project stalled, crashed or disappeared?

Has your existing web developer run out of fuel, or changed flight path and never returned? Good news, our Gherkin Special Tactics team can save the day!

Get in touch and ask us about our FREE rescue package for web projects that are underway but have hit a wall.

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