It’s easy to spend a fortune on tackle, and not improve your catch…

Do more catching
and less fishing
with Intuitive SEO.

You can have the shiniest rod in the world, but if you’re not using the right bait, you aren’t having filets for dinner.

Like fishing, SEO requires more than just razzle dazzle. SEO can be challenging for businesses. Most businesses try one of two approaches to get found online – hire an agency or do-it-yourself. Agencies do a great job of delivering reports and billing, and a not-so-great job at actually growing your business. Doing it yourself often relies on using complicated software, rich with data but difficult to learn and usually lacking insight.

By including you in the process, Intuitive SEO cuts the cost of hiring experts, with lessons and accountability to eliminate time wasted trying to figure things out on your own.

Built by seasoned SEO professionals, for you, and you, and you.

Intuitive SEO is designed to keep SEO simple, yet effective.

Rank Keywords

Each niche has its own keywords, just like every fish prefers a certain type of bait. Ranking keywords comes down to strategically utilizing the words that your market wants to see. Knowing which bait to use is only half the battle, you’ve also gotta understand how to jiggle the line. We’ll help you discover the needle-move keywords in your niche, and use them effectively to catch more fish.

Increase Traffic

The more fish in the area, the more likely it is that you’re going to get a bite. Increasing your traffic with Intuitive SEO is the first and best way to chum the water and cause a feeding frenzy. Increasing traffic only gets you so far, though. Once you get a bit, you’ve gotta know how to reel them in.
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Get More Conversions

Some fish need to be scooped up with a net, some like to fight, some need to be gently coaxed into the boat. Every market is unique, as is every demographic, in terms of what gets them to press the buy button. Getting conversions comes down to UX as well as speaking the language of your market. Time to reel ‘em in.
Stop blowing your hard earned money on software…

Intuitive SEO in 4 steps

We make growing your business simple, with our 4 step Intuitive SEO.
  • Technical SEO

    First, we take care of the nitty gritty. You’ve gotta have a boat if you want to go fishing, just like you’ve gotta have your server and website optimized for search engines.

  • On Page SEO

    What keywords is your niche gonna gobble up? This is more than just simply baiting the hook. You’ve gotta have the exact lure that your market is hungry for.

  • Off Page SEO

    This is where we use external resources to promote your site and content. Social media strategy, blog posts, promos and linking—these are are crucial tools in your arsenal.

  • Content

    If a fish takes the bait and it tastes like crap, they’ll spit it right back out—and probably never return for another bite. The content on your website is the final piece of the puzzle. It has to be exceptional for your business to stand out in a saturated market.

Software will only get you half way there…

Our SEO Insights will have your business exploring uncharted waters.

It’s sink or swim time. Will your business sail into the sunset, or hit an SEO iceberg. Our intuitive SEO helps your business sail further, in search of bountiful fishing grounds.

Our SEO Insights are a deep dive into what drives your business forward, and what would be truly transformational for your business.

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