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Looking for treasure without a map?
Going around in circles or hitting a dead end?

We’ll find the gold together with our Discovery Session.

Your time is valuable. Whether you’re the owner, director or marketing manager at your organisation, you likely wear a few hats. You need a rebrand, a website or marketing campaign to run smoothly and most importantly – quickly.

With our Discovery Session, we’ll sift through the sand and stone, find out more about your business, your audience and your goals. We will then map out a plan to get you the gold!

Let’s gather all the information…

We’ll start by taking a very close look at your business.

Our Discovery Session is a system that extracts everything we need to know about your business.

We’ll gather information about your purpose, who your audience is, your goals and what the issues are that are holding your back from achieving them, while eliminating wasted time, money and resources.

…and assess your competition…

To get the gold, we need to know who you’re up against.

It’s all very good and well to know who you are and what you’re capable of, but not knowing who you’re competing with is as good as running a race with your eyes closed.

We will conduct a competition analysis to understand who you’re up against and how well they are equipped.

…then we’ll map out a plan…

Eyes on the prize, but we’ll need to know how to get there.

We’re gathered all the information we need about your business, your purpose, your audience and your competitors. We know your goals and what has been holding you back.

Now we’ll make a clear plan to achieve them ensuring we avoid any possible stormy seas on the way.

…to get you the gold!

If X marks the spot, our Discovery Session will spot the mark!

While other web development companies are busy shaking their tender tail feathers, we’re getting real work done, achieving results for our clients.

If you want to work with an honest, dedicated, trustworthy and reliable web development company who are only interested in getting you the gold…

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Do you need help getting your web project off the ground?

Has your web project stalled, crashed or disappeared?

Has your existing web developer run out of fuel, or changed flight path and never returned? Good news, our Gherkin Special Tactics team can save the day!

Get in touch and ask us about our FREE rescue package for web projects that are underway but have hit a wall.

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