Has your web project ground to a halt?
Are you stuck without any means to move?

Rescuing stranded web projects is our bread and butter.

We’re an Auckland Web Development Agency specialising in helping businesses in a pickle with their website, SEO, social media or digital marketing.

We can help rescue and restore your problem website and assist with launching stalled web projects.

Website rescue is our tasty starter…

We also offer a range of
mouth-watering mains,
sides and condiments.

Truth be told, we’re much more than your ordinary ‘grab-and-go’ web development company.

We partner with businesses and help you grow, including your taste buds with our degustation of digital solutions.

  • Website Design and Development

    We can design, develop and launch your new website ensuring it passes our high bar of quality assurance.

  • SEO and Digital Marketing

    We set the long lines of SEO and get immediate results with Facebook and Google advertising.

  • Website Care Plans

    We take care of security, backups, maintenance and updates, ensuring your website remains effective.

Come one, come all, come as you are…

Your website and digital marketing should be making you dough.

Are you spending money hand over fist on marketing and not seeing any results?

We develop strategies and campaigns for businesses of all shapes, sizes and states, to improve your brand experience and ensure a return on your investment, over and over again.

A taste of some of our sweet success stories…

We’ve cooked up 400+ websites. Here is a small, tasty sample…

Just because we’re amazing at rescuing the meal doesn’t mean we slouch when it comes to flavour. We can design a website from scratch for a new project, tidy up an existing but dated website, or just simply articulate an idea better through design fundamentals.

Here’s a selection of three website projects that showcase our skills in design, development, creative and critical thinking and effective user experience.

eCommerce Rebuild for Urban Building Products

Technical Product in need of a Simple Solution.

First we rescued the website off a complicated and expensive proprietary CMS that was delivering no results

We made it real easy for the user to see what the product does and how easy it is to use, then made it super simple to purchase.

Project highlights

  • Take what was old and tired from a brand perspective and give it a new look that didn’t completely abandon the foundations.
  • Save the client a tone of money by moving them off a clunky and expensive proprietary CMS that they had no control over.
  • Focus on what unique selling point’s clients really needed, a easy to see, easy to use user experience throughout the website and eCommerce portal.
nuview 3

Brochure Website + SEO Backbone.

A “New View” for Nuview

Tinting & Films 

Nuview needed website and SEO rescue when we first sat down as results at their previous SEO company had ceased, but we could also see that a fresh image was also required.

We came up with a fun yet potent way of communicating to their clients through three animal graphics (chameleon, raccoon and penguin) that have been a smash hit for their sales team.

Project highlights

  • We delivered an image upgrade across all assets including designed the new brand logo and upgraded the company image across all media touchpoints: web, social, and print.
  • Secondly we delivered a new website that carefully created a new experience for the customer while not disturbing the predictability for an existing client base.
  • Lastly we outlined a new Search Engine Optimisation plan to compete online as well as armed their sales team with all they needed to use the website offline in day to day sales activities.
Gherkin-Media-Website-PORTFOLIO-Template-Aussie-Butcher-3-copy (1)

Take a look at this beauty!

Rebrand and Rebuild for
the Aussie Butcher Team.

The guys at Aussie Butcher have a well established name in the market. Distinguishing the Aussie Butcher as a New Zealand owned and operated company with fresh NZ meats meant refocusing on their brand identity.

We partnered with the awesome team at Aussie Butcher to launch a new image, new website and new social media campaign to win the hearts, and stomachs, of good old fashioned Kiwi battlers.

Project highlights

  • The guys hadn’t had an image upgrade – ever. And as Kiwis only like seeing the shape of Australia when we’re flying in for a holiday we delivered a new type set logo to bring them into 2021.
  • eCommerce had proved difficult for the Group so we simplified the user experience down to a clean brochure site focused on weekly specials and instore incentives.
  • Communication with the existing client base was super important for the guys, so we integrated some clever automation around social media and eNewsletter marketing that keep the chatter going week by week, season by season.

A small selection of our happy customers…

What do customers say about Gherkin Media

Our Customers Speak

Amazing Service. Everything is done extremely quickly. Highly recommend and I will use again for all future business. Thank you again

Micky Bittoun

I have 4 websites with Gherkin Media, they are very hands on with finding solutions & give ideas on updating very old out dated websites.

Carmel Leslie

Gherkin Media personnel were so helpful and patient. I enjoyed the experience of working with them and their professional and helpful manner was much appreciated. Thanks Mike and team. 🙂

Carmel Leslie

Excellent service, recommended company.

Laughing Pottery

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Having been customers of Gherkin Media for a little over 8 years Mike and his friendly team have proven to be knowledgeable, honest and passionate about our business. The results speak for themselves. Highly recommend.

Timber Dealers

I’ve been dealing with Mike and his team from Gherkin Media for a number of years, and their growth in personnel and technology has been staggering. Their response to any request and proactive nature of how they operate has been perfect for our business. Would highly recommend!

Ellar Graphics

The best website experience for small business , no hidden costs, friendly and helpful team and best of all they want to understand your business and form genuine business relationships. It feels amazing to get easy support for what we need , and they are always willing to give something a go!

The Make Company

Mike and his team at Gherkin Media are outstanding!
A bespoke website with eCommerce functionality and the flexibility to have changes made quickly as required has been amazing for my brand.
All my website needs are catered for in one simple package that doesn’t cost the earth.
If you need to take your brand to the next level with an understanding of exactly what works and doesn’t.
Get in touch with Mike and Gherkin Media.
You will be glad you did.

Wayne Hughes

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I was recommended Gherkin Media by my colleague Yousif Mansour (physiotherapist at bodyzone) after being lost with who is the best website provider to choose. I am extremely happy with website creator and provider, it has transformed my medical practice to a high quality service providing as it gives clarity and professionalism to our business. I highly recommend the friendly and efficient provider and their staff. Anything needed was done in a short time and have never been let down by them despite a lot challenges they face. the prices are very reasonable for their high quality service. I am 100 % satisfied.

Dr Hassan Mubark

Professionalism, Quality, Value

“We couldn’t ask for more. We came from a strong “do it yourself” background but the team at Gherkin Media have absolutely proved to us why they are the best in the biz. We knew our project was something much different, but the Gherkin team has excelled beyond our expectations. Their diverse capabilities, professionalism, client care, skill and creative edge is unmatched. A huge weight has been lifted of our shoulders, we would never look elsewhere. Thank-you Gherkin media”

Janina Suramach

Quality, Responsiveness, Value

“Mike and the team have been amazing and we are stoked with our new website for Whiskerz Barber and Son in Howick. Highly recommend.”

Jos Horan

Professionalism, Quality, Value

“I have well over a decade of experience working with a variety of web development companies in a graphic design capacity on website projects. Mike and his team at Gherkin Media are by far the most well rounded, honest, reliable and efficient web developers I have had the pleasure of working with. In addition to supporting us with our own website projects, over the years I have referred numerous others who needed assistance with a website project to Gherkin Media, many having had a poor experience with a previous web developer. The feedback from these referrals has always been overwhelmingly positive. If you are going to speak to anyone regarding a website project, I highly recommend you speak to Mike at Gherkin Media.”

Luke Young

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Like any good home cooked meal, knowledge is better when its shared.

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There are a ton of ways to pickle a cucumber, but not every method makes a tasty gherkin, heres why we choose WordPress.

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Core Web Vitals

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Analytics will rock your world

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